Apple's iPad Mini 5 Review

The iPad Mini is the leading small tablet on the market. With the fifth iPad mini, you get the entire feature set of the new iPad Air, in a smaller package and improved tablet app support than any other device around. The Apple pencil functions like the 1st-gen Pencil on any other iPad. After test driving the new iPad mini, we are reminded why device owners enjoy the mini so much and if you want a fully functional small tablet, then Apple's new iPad mini is the best option, without a doubt.

Apple has thankfully updated a latest the iPad Mini! This new 2019 iPad Mini 5 features Apple's A12 chip , a brighter screen as well as Apple Pencil support, however the smalldesign! Well is it still the leading small tablet and should people purchase the 2019 ipad mini?

The exterior design of the iPad mini hasn't changed much since 2015, which means it doesn't have some of the company's improved more recent tablet features. Still, the A12 Bionic processor delivers a meaty punch & support for the first-gen Apple Pencil makes it a more versatile device than earlier models.

Should people own the iPad mini 2019? In this review and unboxing, we compare the 5th version mini with the iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2019 & previous models.

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